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Whitewater canoeing wraps up in Wausau Submitted: 07/14/2013
Wausau - Canoeing with a friend on the weekend can serve as a great way to relax. But this weekend in Wausau, canoeing was everything but peaceful. The Whitewater Park played host to the Open Canoe Nationals. The course had a fast water current with rocks and other obstacle. Competitors from around the world tried to navigate the stretch. Canadians Paul and Willa Mason use canoeing to bond as a family. They think this is the toughest course in the country. "Especially tandem it's really hard to get both people through the gate and not hit it with your stern," Paul Mason said. "You will see us all looking back as we go through, so it is very challenging, probably the hardest we've been to." The events consisted of men's, women's, and mixed classes for both tandem and solo canoes. John Kazimierczyk has canoed for 37 years. He believes the sport is always looking for new people. "Start with a canoe club, and dont be afraid to get wet and dont be afaid to make mistakes the first time you try it," Kazimierczyk said. "Its fun, you have to do it for fun." The next event at the Whitewater park will be in August. That event will include freestyle canoeing with paddlers doing flips and twists throughout the course.

Written By: Adam Fox

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