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Eagle River hosts 5th annual Festival of Flavors Submitted: 07/13/2013
Eagle River - Networking can make or break any organization. Businesses need new customers. And non-profits need new donors. That's why the two groups combined to host the 5th annual Eagle River Festival of Flavors. The festival raises money for the Eagle River Revitalization Project. Eagle River Revitalization Program Director John Seward says, "A lot of what it's about is about fundraising for this park. And we've done about $10,000 worth of improvements to this park over the past few years, say five to ten years." But they need to raise a lot more money. Seward says the group has a page-and-a-half long list of improvements they still need to make. Some of those improvements include adding permanent grills and renovating the historic fish hatchery. The festival also helps the 40-plus Wisconsin vendors get their names out to the public. People from all over the Midwest attend the event. "We do pull quite a few people. A lot of people have been here year after year. They know it's a good product and a good event, and they continue to come over and over," says Seward. Organizers expected 4,000 people to attend the festival. Newswatch 12 was a sponsor of the event.

Written By: Lauren Stephenson

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