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A birthday victory at midnight in Eagle River Submitted: 07/07/2013
Eagle River - Some person running around the streets of Eagle River at midnight? That's crazy. But hundreds doing the same thing? That's an event. Most of you were sleeping late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. But not 400 runners in Eagle River. They took on a 5k in the darkness at the YMCA's Midnight Moonshine Run. "Even though it was 85 today, it's not 85 right now," said YMCA Program Director Julia John. Runners included young guns. But this wasn't just a young person's game. "I'm thankful," said Carleton Schroeder. "That I can still exercise and get out." Sugar Camp's Schroeder turned 70 this weekend. "He's a regular at both Y's, Rhinelander and Eagle River," said John. "He's always inspired us to get out and exercise. It really makes me proud," said Carleton's daughter, Kristin Palecek. With that age milestone, Carleton's daughters were thinking a prize might be the perfect birthday gift for dad. "They wanted to make sure we had the 70 and over age group because we're all very confident he's going to win it," John said before the race. Yep, that age group was in place, but... "I pulled a muscle, so right now, I'm going to be walking most of the race, I think, so I'm going to shoot for 45 minutes," Schroeder said. But speedy Carleton bested that by five minutes, and sure enough, won the 70 and over bracket to celebrate his birthday. "I just hope I have his genes, so I'm exercising at 70 too," said his other daughter, Cheryl.

Written By: Ben Meyer

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