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Eagle River library presents new design Submitted: 06/18/2013
Eagle River - You can put songs, books and even movies on a device smaller than your hand. With that kind of technology, you wouldn't think real, brick-and-mortar libraries would be as busy or need as much space. But in Eagle River, the Olson Library is busier than ever. The library's foundation started planning for expansion in 2007. It held an open house to begin its next step in fundraising Tuesday. The group presented a 3-D model to the audience. Nan Andrews has been using the library for three decades. She says these days, the library feels too tight. "There is not enough room for it, Andrews said. "It feels real crunchy and just too tight, not enough space to enjoy yourself." The library sees about 30 percent more traffic compared to eight years ago. The new design would double the size of the library. Raymond Quicksilver thinks the project will impact the community. "When you have a project like this and people can identify and be personable with it, things happen, Quicksilver said. "That is how people integrate and thats how things get done. The library has raised about $800,000 so far. They still need $1.4 million to start building. The group hopes to reach their goal in the next few years.

Written By: Adam Fox

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