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New snow clearing rules likely to be approved in Rhinelander Submitted: 04/04/2013
Rhinelander - This winter made it especially tough on homeowners to find places to put all that snow. We got to a point where many were shoveling it into piles higher than their heads, or maybe even onto their neighbor's property. Department of Public Works Assistant Street Superintendent Tony Gilman saw plenty of that this year. "This is a recurring problem," Gilman said. "It happens often. But with the amount of snow we had, I would say the complaints this year have doubled or tripled. Occationally we'll get someone really upset, but most people are really decent about it. They just want to know how they can correct it." Correcting that problem should be even clearer now. The Public Works committee added language to the city ordinance. Now, it says homeowners can only put snow specifically on their property. It also reinforces that snow cannot block views for traffic or sidewalks. Gilman thinks these changes should be nothing new for most people. "Be courteous to them," Gilman said. "If you put it out, don't put it on their property and then they have to clean it up. I try to get the neighbors to work together. Luckily, they do a pretty good job and we don't have to get involved." If you're caught breaking this ordinance, you could get slapped with a $50 fine. If crews have to come clear the snow, you'll be charged a minimum fee of $193.85.

Written By: Lane Kimble

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