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Rhinelander Residents Attend Hodag Home Show Submitted: 03/23/2013
Rhinelander - The annual Hodag Home Show made its way to the Rhinelander High School gym for the second time. This is a good chance to come down and sample stuff without pressure from a sales man. "It's a great chance to come in doors," said Chamber of Commerce Tourism and Event Coordinator, Kate Bauman. "No matter what the weather is, no matter how cold it is still outside, to come out and see exactly what the trends are, what the new products are, what the new service are." "A lot of people may not necessarily be interested in buying stuff here, but a lot of the local venders and stuff like to get their products out and get their names known," Sounds and Motion Manager Home Theater AV Specialist, Jamie Pender said. "Show people stuff that they may not even know that are out there and exist." Some people we met were just here to window shop. But one couple has some bigger plans. "We've owned a lot in Rhinelander for ten years now and we figured it was time to build on it," said potential home builder, Gerry Goetz. "So we thought we'd come to the show here and meet some of the builders." There's even something extra for you if you shop till you drop. "They see us doing the spinal screens and it seems like it kind of catches on and everybody is like what are you doing and all of a sudden a line forms," Allied Health Chiropractor, Dr. David Barr. "Everybody is interested in chiropractic. It's a good time to explain to them that we're not just doctors for pain treatments. We adjust the whole spine for the function of the spine." If you're not into gadgets, gardening or home care, the chamber added something new this year. "Rhinelander Chryslers, Dodge, Jeep and Ram have signed up to be outside obviously. They've got cars and trucks for sale," said Bauman. "They are happy to show off the new models and they will be happy to assist anybody who might be in the market for a new vehicle." If you missed the event today, you still have a chance to stop by tomorrow from ten a.m. until three p.m. "We've got stuff for the kids. Home Depot should be here again with the workshop for the kids, bouncy house for the kids," Bauman said. "It's just a great afternoon with the family. There is absolutely something for everything."

Written By: Shardaa Gray

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