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Bloody items found in search for missing D.C. Everest grad Submitted: 03/22/2013
St. Paul, MN - We might be one step closer to finding out what happened to a D.C. Everest grad who disappeared last month. People looking for Kira Steger-Trevino found a bloody pillow during a search last weekend. Investigators say the blood matches the DNA of Steger-Trevino. A volunteer searcher found the pillow, along with a pillow case, sports bra, shirt and sponge near Keller Lake, Minnesota. They started looking there after a woman told police she was driving by Keller Lake early on Feb. 22 when she saw two men struggling with something the size of a person. The new evidence will add to the complaint against Steger-Trevino's husband, Jeffery Trevino. He remains charged with second-degree murder. Steger-Trevnio vanished February 21st. Her husband was charged after blood was found in their St. Paul home.

Written By: The Associated Press & WJFW News Team

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