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U.P. man arrested after online sex sting in Minocqua Submitted: 03/18/2013
Minocqua - A Michigan man hoped the internet would help him have sex with an underage girl. Instead, he ended up in a jail cell. Police caught him thanks to a statewide effort that nabbed 16 other online predators during a three-day stretch. Minocqua Police helped arrest this man, 24-year-old Benjamin Lahti last Tuesday. Lahti lives in Ironwood, Michigan and had posted an ad asking for sex on Craigslist. Someone who he thought was a 15-year-old girl responded. He sent her naked pictures of himself and wanted to meet her for sex in Mincoqua. But his contact was actually an undercover officer working with the Door County Sheriff's Office. Members of the joint, statewide Internet Crimes against Children operation applauded the efforts today in Green Bay. "We want to make sure the public is made away of what's going on in their community," Brown County Sheriff John Gossage said. "And that this will not be tolerated in the state of Wisconsin, on a county level, on a city level. It's going to be stopped." Lahti faces felony counts for using a computer to facilitate a child sex crime and for exposing a child to harmful material. He faces more than 43 years in prison if found guilty. He'll be back in court later this month.

Written By: Lane Kimble

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