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UPDATE: Missing Person Case Led to Adams Co. Shooting Submitted: 02/20/2013
Big Falts - A missing person case from a Milwaukee suburb led to the shooting that injured an Adams County Deputy last night. What started as a missing person case in Milwaukee, ended with a suicide, and an Adams County deputy shot. It happened last night, when West Allis police say a 52-year-old woman went missing. Earlier in the day, police investigated a domestic violence incident between the woman and her husband, 55-year-old Thomas Costigan. Police tracked the couple to property they own in Adams County. Costigan fired at police when they went into the house. 43-year-old Deputy Todd Johnson was shot. "At which time the subject presented a handgun, fired several rounds in the direction of the officers. The Adams County Deputy was struck by the gunfire and sustained injury," says an Adams County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson. Police say the officers did not fire back, but Costigan shot himself. Both Costigan and the deputy were taken by helicopter to a trauma center. Costigan was pronounced dead earlier this evening. Johnson is still being treated.

Written By: WJFW News Team

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