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Helium Shortage Affects Local Floral Business Submitted: 02/12/2013
Rhinelander - Helium-filled balloons will cost a little more this Valentine's Day. There's a helium shortage. And some florists are worried about their store's biggest shopping day of the year. Forth Floral Owner Ruth Hempel has seen helium prices rise over the past year. But her store is doing all they can to keep prices low. "We've tried to do a better job on finding better deals on the actual balloons themselves to offset the increase. At this time of the year though, because it's Valentine's Day, the little bit extra they might have to pay usually isn't a big deal. For most, especially guys, if they want that balloon they're going to buy it." Some parts of the country are out completely. Hempel said her business could deal without, but having balloons is an added perk. "It's just that added exclamation point on the bouquet so as long as we can continue to do it we're going to hope we can. But if it gets to that point we're just going to have to find some other thing that gives that little punch." Helium is also used for welding, medical devices, and some computer parts.

Written By: Ryan Abney

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