Windmill Ice Cream Shoppe

This summer marks the 30th season of the Windmill Ice Cream Shoppe being open and it includes some upgrades.

Owner Pat Berg is excited for another great season of scooping ice cream.

After years of success, Pat has made a few changes to the historic windmill.

“We put the side door in, so we have an entry and an exit. So the people people aren’t walking through the people waiting with their ice cream. You know, this makes it flow,” said Berg.

The new side door allows access for wheelchairs as well.

With 30 years of wear and tear, pat has been working hard to keep the ice cream shop looking sharp.

This includes a fresh coat of paint for the iconic windmill blades.

“We get a lot of boat traffic, pontoons loaded with people. And we put in the new dock, it must be two years ago,” said Berg.

The ice cream shop is located right on lake Nokomis off of County Highway L.

After a strong opening weekend, Berg is excited for the summer to come.

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