Marijuana courtesy Pixabay

(WJFW) - U.S. Senate Candidate, Mandela Barnes recently said that if he's elected, he'd advocate for legalizing marijuana.

Currently every state that borders Wisconsin, allows some sort of access to marijuana either legally or medically.

Barnes says that it comes down to economics.

"Every day that we don't legalize marijuana, we're losing money towards our neighboring states," said Barnes. "Those are our Wisconsin dollars that are funding infrastructure in Illinois and Michigan. We deserve that tax revenue, and the economic benefits right here in our communities."

According to Illinois and Michigan combine for more than $600 million in tax revenue from recreational marijuana. Illinois has collected more than $400 million and Michigan collected $250 million. 

Michigan state documents state that revenue will be used for public education and transportation in the state, including roads, bridges and maintenance. 

WJFW reached out to Senator Ron Johnson, but his team did not accept an interview request.