Agencies provide advise for preventing scams from the latest case trends

Scammers have been preying on many residents in our area, and it has been a cause for concern for many.

Scam victim prevention

“There’s just literally hundreds of different types of scams out there,” said Sergeant Kurt Helke of the Rhinelander Police Department.

They know what they are looking for, where “a lot of times, scammers will take advantage of a person’s instinct to be polite,” said Helke.

“Right now, its irs, tax season, a common time for scams,” said Helke.

He says that you do not have to give information over the phone.

 “There’s always alternative ways that you can communicate with these governmental agencies. Typically, they communicate with you via mail first…and if you have questions, about things, and you just want to tell the person: “hey I don’t feel comfortable I prefer to communicate via mail,” you certainly have a right to do that,” said Helke. 

But in recent years, the better business bureau reports several instances that happen online.

"A friend is messaging them on Facebook telling them about a grant that they can apply for,” said Lisa Schiller, a spokesperson for the bureau's in Wisconsin.

Ads can also appear when people are scrolling. “Websites that pop up on social media, they lure people ion because they have really great prices, low prices, and they are showing products that you might be interested in," said Schiller.

Additionally, scammers prey on people’s feelings when “a lot of high pressure is involved generally, and its emotional," said Schiller.

For the foreseeable future, scammers will continue to attack.

For now, “always assume it’s a scam first, and then try to prove otherwise” said Helke.

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