RHINELANDER - The Wisconsin senate race is heating up between Ron Johnson and Mandela Barnes.

Mandela Barnes spoke with us earlier about social security, a large area of concern for the state.

Barnes said he is looking to make sure that hard working Wisconsinites can enjoy their benefits like the generations before them.

"We're fighting to protect our hard earned benefits, ones that our parents and grandparents spent their entire lives paying into, ones that allow every Wisconsinite to retire without putting food on the table or having to work beyond retirement age. We can do that by making sure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share into the system. We cannot allow social security to be cut," said Barnes.

Barnes hopes Wisconsinites will approve of his plan to protect social security.

Newswatch 12 reached out to Senator Johnson for comment.

In response Sen. Johnson, “Leave it to a career politician like Mandela Barnes to bury his head in the sand and ignore a politically difficult problem. The reality is Social Security will be depleted by 2035 but Barnes has no plan to protect Seniors, just empty scare tactics and hollow election-year rhetoric.”

For those looking to vote the election for senator will take place November 8th.

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