WinMan Trails opens new and improved mountain bike skills park

NORTHWOODS, Wis.  (WJFW) - As many visitors come to town this weekend, some will be hitting the trails to bike. Each year, the WinMan Trails Foundation tallies nearly 40,000 visits - attracting people across the country and even abroad.

WinMan Trails opens new and improved skills park

In between Manitowish Waters and Winchester, the WinMan Trail system entered its 10th season open to the public. Even though they're a site funded by donation, they still are improving the property each year- this season opening a new and improved skills park. 

“We do know that we bring a lot of folks here, which is great for the local economy," said director of operations Isaac Cowart.

WinMan trails is unveiling their new skills park for mountain bikers this season.

“Everybody’s going to flow in one direction, which not only allows increase safety but it allows us to build the features specifically," said Cowart.

By completing projects like this in house, costs are reduced for this nonprofit.

“A skills park like this which takes about 3 weeks would cost us 50,000 to 60,000 dollars. If we went out to different contractors. By doing it in house we’re able to it at a significant cost savings," said Cowart.

WinMan attracts builders who see a pile of dirt and think…

“What can I build out of it," said professional builder Joel Kleimola who has been working on trails for six years.

“Usually, I don’t have to think about it too much. It just comes naturally really, you just have to think about what do you want to make and what can you create," said Kleimola.

In developing terrain within the park, he uses his favorite hobby when thinking through a specific design.

“If somebody was building trails and you weren’t a biker, I feel like would be a lot harder for that person to understand what’s going on and what bikers can ride and how things are shaped," said Kleimola.

After all, mountain biking is about picking up momentum, and having fun with those you love.

“What it does is it really allows people to be with their families, be with their community down here and continue to be with their community down here and continue to ride and just get better. We use the word better allot because that’s what it’s all about," said Cowart.

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