Turkey Trotters race for a common cause in the Lakeland area

WOODRUFF, Wis. (WJFW) - Gobblers from near and far looking for some exercise this morning laced up their running shoes to participate in the 5th annual Turkey Trot in the Lakeland area. While some of the 300+ racers we're competitive, there were plenty of family's racing together ahead of their time at the dinner table. But, they all raced for one common purpose.

Turkeys trot in the Lakeland area

“I knew the roads were going to be a little slippery, I don’t know if everyone wore the right shoes, but it was fun though,' said Nora Gremban, who won 1st in the women's division.

She enjoyed the fresh air, but she had her eyes on the prize.

“We run past people and we were like “Happy Thanksgiving’, and I’m really excited to go home and start cooking with the family," said Gremban.

As a competitive racer, it was a chance to bond with family.

“I had to do it, because I was like why not do something really fun with my cousin and support a great cause," said Gremban.

The trot raised money for both the Lakeland Area Food Pantry and Faith Evangelical Free Church’s mission in Guatemala.

“We know that this a time of the year that they really can use a financial boost and so it is good to be a part of that, to be a small part of helping with that," said Pastor Rick Goff who organized the event.

Goff says that they expect to raise close to $9k to be split between the 2 groups.

“I think that’s a big reason one of why we’re here and also what Thanksgiving is about is to be able to help one another and to help those in need and to be able to encourage and support others," said Goff.

All in the spirit of a time when gratitude is front of mind for many.

“For the people who can do this on Thanksgiving and has the opportunity to give something to someone, I think it’s really important because foods obviously a big part of it, but celebrating with our family over a good meal is really important and I think everybody deserves that experience and that chance to have on such a day like this," said Gremban.

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