Penny Wars 5-10-22

Rhinelander, Wis. (WJFW) - A few years ago Jenny Prom’s second grade students got inspired by a book. After reading that book, they wanted to make a difference in the world with a new initiative.

"The Penny War challenge started with my second-grade class several years ago, when we read the water princess," said Jenny Prom.

"My second-grade students felt so passionately what that girl had to go through every day" she said. "To still have to clean the water and potentially get sick from it, they wanted to do something, said Prom.

Jenny Prom is an instructional coach for several elementary schools, she introduced water safety to the curriculum which led to the start of Penny Wars.

"Many of them are so excited to do this even those that are less fortunate feel like they can help, because they are the lucky ones that have the clean water," she said. "They want other students to have what they take for granted," she added.

Penny Jar

"Pennies and dollar bills are positive points so the students want to bring that in for their classroom," said Prom. "Silver coins, dimes, nickels and quarters are negative so they go around and get their siblings or their friends classrooms," she said.

Rory Felde is a third-grade student and he is excited to help those in need.

"We can help save the water and they won’t have to drink any dirty water," said Rory Felde a third grade student at Central Elementary School.

Central, Crescent, NCES, and Pelican Elementary school are the other schools that are in involved as well. Each school has a set goal of 400 dollars with each filter will costing 75 dollars.

"When the funds are raised together there is enough money for a town the size of Rhinelander to have clean water for eight and a half years," said Jenny.

Jenny hopes that the Penny Wars will create an experience for students that they will never forget.

"It is even more important that they leave this experience realizing the power of being kind, said Prom. "I hope that this is something that they keep with them for a long time," she said.

The penny war will be taking place from May 9 to May 20.

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