CRANDON, Wis. (WJFW)- Recently a senior at Laona High School saw a need in Forest County for life-saving equipment and started a fundraiser for the purchase of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). 

Joe Milan says through support from Forest County residents she was able to surpass her goal of raising $911, presenting her check to the Forest County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday. 

"Being on the rescue squad and helping out I took that as, I need to step up and help our first responder family and get that AED because it is a very crucial piece of equipment," said Milan. 

AED's are used to resuscitate a person suffering from cardiac arrest, which can save a life. Milan says knowing that makes it all the worth. 

"It's a pretty good feeling to know that this piece of equipment gets to come and hopefully help out the jail," said Milan. 

The other half of the money for the defibrillator came from the Sokaogan Chippewa Tribe, with other support from the Laona School District and CoVantage Credit Union.   

In the past, the Forest County Sheriff's Office did have an AED in their facility, but it failed. The office has not had the needed money to replace it until now. 

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