CWA Runway Update

MOSINEE, Wis. (WJFW) - For the last 7 years, Central Wisconsin Airport has been working with the FAA for 7 years on scoping and funding a specific project. While its focus is on improving takeoff and landing for pilots on the runway, it is also improving other parts on the field.

The construction that began earlier this year has recently moved inside the fence, and the crew’s are working on excavating and digging out the existing surface before they move the runway.

“It’s an enhancement really to everything on that airfield," said CWA airport director Brian Grefe.

Improvements are well in the works for planes taking off from Central Wisconsin Airport.

“The departure end of the runway is overlapping, there’s a number of examples of this around the country and they’re looking at separating those threshold ends," said Grefe.

Under the direction of the FAA, airports are moving intersecting runways. This one will go 450 feet to the west.

“Once that’s constructed, they’re going to physically remove the connection with our secondary runway," said Grefe.

The runway shift project is moving the taxiway to the North too, and installing better lighting for pilots to see.

 “All of the airfield lighting at the ends of this project will be LED so we won’t have any incandescent bulbs anywhere on the airport, so we’re very excited about that," said Grefe.

After starting construction in February, they expect to pour concrete on both the runway and taxiway in the coming months.

 “It’ll improve the reliability of the airport, reliability of commercial air service, just the overall travel experience and utility of the airport is going to be enhanced," said Grefe.

The airport expects to wrap up this project that will separate the existing runways by October.

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