ARBOR VITAE, Wis. (WJFW)- On Saturday, the Arbor Vitae Fire/ Rescue Department hosted a traffic management training course for area firefighters. Arbor Vitae firefighter Jeff Biertzer presented the course to a group of thirty men and women. Biertzer says that knowing how to manage traffic in emergencies is becoming an important role for area fire departments, and that partnership between them and police is crucial in clearing a scene. 

"We have some tactics and strategies that we give law enforcement specifically to help out at a scene and they're here today and we're really fortunate to have them with us today," said Biertzer. 

He went on to say that while Saturday's training helps emergency responders, patience and understanding from drivers is just as important to keeping the ones on the scene safe. "When you see flashing lights, when you see whether they're amber, red, blue... understand something is going on up there and people are trying to preform a task and they want to do it safely and they want to go home to their families and we only ask for your patience and we ask for your understanding and slow down and move over," said Biertzer. 

The training course took four hours and was free for those in attendance. Biertzer says this training is highly recommended for all emergency responders to take, insuring there is a uniform approach to traffic control.