Greta Kurth has always had a creative mind, ever since first grade.

She uses her imagination in her passion for writing. In fact, Greta has now written three books and recently published her first.

"All of my book ideas come into from a dream or something this one it's the first scene in the book that was where I got the whole idea from," said Kurth.

Some of her supporters are her family and Tomahawk Middle School.

"I would really appreciate getting all the money from the books to get myself a laptop so I don’t have to always use the school’s. They’ve been a huge support," said Kurth.

With no computer of her own, Greta would have needed to pause her writing. However, one Tomahawk School District educator helped find a solution.

"Greta’s family had come to me and asked about her having a chrome book for the summer," said Paula Norma, school librarian and media specialist.

She requested for the school administration to provide Greta a laptop.

We had a very motivated student and this is obviously an extension of learning and what’s done in the classroom so it didn’t take much to persuade anyone to say Greta keep the chrome book over the summer and keep writing," said Norman.

Norman says she has not had any other student write like Greta.

"To see an eighth grader have this gift—because it is truly is a gift, I believe, and then to pursue it with it not being a school project. That’s pretty hard to find these days—the motivation to complete a project like that when it doesn’t count for a grade," said Norman.

"Divided" is the first installment of a three part series. Folks can buy Greta’s first book by contacting her mother on Facebook, Heather Rousseau-Kurth.

The Kurth family has already sold more than fifty copies—a strong start to Greta’s career.

"My main main goal is to become a famous author even get my books into movies," said Kurth.