Fire - Smoke - Dinky Diner 3-28-23

UPDATE 03-29-23 7:33 A.M. - Six people in total have been temporarily displaced following a fire at Dinky Diner on Tuesday. According to the Rhinelander Fire Department, the residents are being displaced because of the power and gas being turned off to the units. The American Red Cross is currently assisting the residents with temporary shelter.

There were no reports of injuries on-scene, and no medical care was requested. 

Dinky Diner is considered a total loss.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

RHINELANDER - Around 6pm Tuesday, crews were called to reports of a fire at Dinky Diner in Rhinelander. When they arrived, heavy black smoke was coming from the building.

Eventually, crews moved from the diner to the staircase leading to apartments above it.

Two ladder trucks were deployed. Crews cut a ventilation hole at the top of the building and used a thermal imaging camera to look for hot-spots.

Some renters will be displaced because of the fire.

The owner Rick said he closed up Dinky Diner as he normally did around 2:00 p.m. and is not sure why it caught on fire. Rick said the building was built in 1896.

Crews from Pelican, Pine Lake, and Rhinelander all responded.

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