Tomahawk Speedway welcomes racers, fans for opening weekendSubmitted: 05/24/2020

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TOMAHAWK - The two things you notice at the Tomahawk Speedway are the noise and the signs.

"We've got social distancing signs up all over the place, just to give people a reminder that hey, six feet is encouraged," said track co-owner Andrew Bartelt.

The speedway opened its season over the Memorial Day Weekend, finishing it off with the bluntly-titled Afternoon of Wrecking Stuff, a marathon demolition derby.

"This is basically a cheap way for us to get into it and have a little bit of fun," said racer Michael Plate.

Bartelt installed hand-sanitizing stations and asked people to stay six feet apart while watching the races.

"There isn't a dollar that's worth making that puts people's safety in jeopardy," Bartelt said. "If we didn't think we could pull this off safely, we wouldn't be attempting it."

The pits ran on reduced capacity to limit interactions, but some drivers said they were not worried about COVID-19.

"If I'm going to get the virus, I'm going to get the virus," Plate said. "But I'd rather be here getting the virus and dying from something I enjoy doing."

More than anything, people at the track expressed a desire to return to normal, and maybe wreck a few things along the way.

"Where else can you go on a Sunday afternoon for 30 dollars and wreck some stuff?" Plate said.

Story By: Andrew Goldstein

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PHILLIPS - Anglers all across Wisconsin rushed to the lakes for Saturday's musky opening.

Technically, musky season has two opening days.

The opening day for the southern zone, defined as waters south of Highway 10, happened at the beginning of the month.

This was the start of fishing season for everything from Marshfield on north.

License application numbers are not out yet, but early estimates from the DNR say that it was an active application season.

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NORTHWOODS - The State Legion Executive Committee will announce Saturday whether or not there will be a 2020 legion baseball season in Wisconsin.

Regional directors met virtually on Wednesday to make private recommendations to the committee.

Options range from a complete cancellation to going forward as scheduled.

Playing with a modified start date or without crowds is also an option.

Local legion coaches say they favor any solution that lets the kids play ball.

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LAKE TOMAHAWK - The saw chips are piled up near second base.

An eerie silence hangs over Lake Tomahawk's snowshoe baseball field, one that will persist all summer.

"We're going to be criticized for it, but I have to look out for my workers, their family and their kids," said Snowhawks manager Jeff Smith.

Several town organizations decided in conjunction with the municipal government to cancel the 2020 snowshoe season.

The prospect of travel from outside the local area played heavily into the decision.

"You can almost bet that there's going to be someone from every state coming to see this," Smith said. "This little town, we have 500 to 1,000 people; on the fourth of July it's over 2,000, how are going to manage that?"

Gov.Tony Evers' Badger Bounce Back program restricts crowd size to less than 50 people until widespread immunity to COVID-19 develops.

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Loud cars and large crowds mark the unofficial start of summer in Crandon every year.

So far, they're set to happen again at the Crandon International Off-Road Speedway's annual brush run races in just six weeks.

"We feel like we're in really good position to bring racing back and bring sports back," track promoter Marty Fiolka said. "We're certainly excited about the fact that we can be one of the first real sports to come back."
The drivers share that excitement.

"Hopefully it can be a start to opening things up for the summer and getting back to having fun and spending time at the lake with family," said driver Keegan Kincaid.

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Imagine you're an NFL scout, trying to find a diamond in the rough.

You cue up the next workout video and see a man in a Mexican wrestling outfit getting ready to bench press.

Your first question might be "why?"

"Why would I spend time with an agent and do it the traditional way when I could do it a different way and get a little more attention?" asked NFL hopeful Crandall Maines.

There's certainly nothing traditional about dressing up as Ignacio, a Mexican luchador played by actor Jack Black in the film "Nacho Libre."

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Kortnie Volk never misses a day

"When you do track, every day is leg day," Volk said.

That's true on both the running hill and in the classroom.

"Getting a good education is something that I've always valued," Volk said. "My parents growing up always taught me that you need to work hard in school so later in life you can get a good job and you can live a good life."

That attitude has made her one of just 32 people in the whole state to receive this year's WIAA Statewide Scholar Athlete Award.

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NORTHWOODS - The WIAA has officially announced the cancellation of all spring sports due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The announcement came after a meeting of the WIAA Board of Control, where committee members discussed the feasibility of continuing spring sports.

Despite the cancellations, the WIAA is allowing 30 contact days for spring sports athletes over the summer during which they may meet with coaches and teammates, pending both local and state guidelines.

Gov. Tony Evers' extended Safer at Home order closed all schools for the rest of the academic year. The WIAA had previously stated that play would not continue without schools in session.

WIAA medical advisory chairman Dr. Kevin Walter said it's too early to talk about potential impact on fall sports yet.

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NORTHWOODS - Martial Arts and Fitness Instructor Dave Sixel loves Facebook more than ever before.

That's because it's his way of staying connected with his fitness clients during the Coronavirus outbreak.

"This is my favorite part. Keeping our clients engaged is something that keeps me engaged. I am a very motivated person but it's more motivation to keep others motivated," Sixel said. 

Sixel uploads new workout videos every day.

He targets all sorts of different fitness avenues.

"There's something for everybody also. Seniors can turn it down, die-hards can turn it up and our youth can go back to martial arts. So there is something there for everybody," Sixel said. 

Sixel says NOW is the best time to work on your self-motivation and confidence.

He believes keeping the mind, body and soul in check it the key to a healthy life.

 "This is a time where we all have to be self-motivated. Nobody is going to do it for you, I am here to help you but you have to do it for yourself. We want to come out of this positive. Don't neglect your health. Be kind, stay close to your community and stay fit," Sixel said. 

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CRANDON - Tyler Tichenor played basketball with distinction during his time at Crandon High School.

Now, he's taking his game to the next level.

Tichenor signed his letter of intent to D-III Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin.

He averaged 11 points and nine rebounds per game for the Cardinals this season after averaging a double-double in his junior year.

Tichenor looked at schools across Wisconsin.

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NORTHWOODS - The Northwoods League has postponed its scheduled May 26 opening day after lockdown orders were extended in Wisconsin through that date.

In a press release, the league said it is "considering multiple scenarios that could be adapted to the dynamic environment in which we find ourselves so that where and when baseball can safely be played, it will be played."

The Northwoods League is a collegiate summer baseball league that operates in seven Midwestern states. It has two teams based in north-central Wisconsin: the Wisconsin Woodchucks in Wausau and the Wisconsin Rapids Rafters.

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