Three Eagle Track Club hosts first community track meet of the summerSubmitted: 06/26/2019

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You are never too old or too young to get on the track.

Athletes at the Three Eagle Track Club meet proved that on Wednesday.

"It provides an opportunity for people locally to compete in a track meet for fun," Wyss said.

Club director Jayme Wyss started the community track meet three years ago.

"The biggest reason why I do this is because we are so far north that there are no track opportunities in the summer in the area," Wyss said.

Being able make the short drive down the road means a lot for Crandon native Sydney Gretzinger.

"The coaches are really open to helping me in the off season. I don't really have this at my school even during the regular season because we don't have a track," Gretzinger said. 

It also helps people stay in shape throughout the summer. Like Hunter Exferd who leaves for Air Force basic training next week.

"It is pretty important because you get exhausted after a while and it is hard to get back in shape," Exferd said. "It's just a good environment, everyone is friendly and its just good sportsmanship all the way around." 

Whether you miss the good ole days or just want to know what it's like to compete in a track meet - there's room for everyone.

"Definitely come out and try it," Gretzinger said. 

"If you come once, you will want to do it again," Wyss said.

It only costs five dollars to compete.

The next summer meet will be on July 31st.

Story By: Mazie Vincent

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MINOCQUA - People in the Northwoods can run a mile while supporting a few local high school teams. 

A new fundraiser called the Island City Mile will be next Wednesday night at Lakeland Union High School.

Former Lakeland coach Kevin FitzPatrick headed up the event to raise money for the high school track and cross country programs.

FitzPatrick retired in 2018 but wanted to find a way to give back to the programs he coached for many years..

"You look at track and field and cross country and they aren't sports boosters really gravitate to, they are people who are very much passionate about the sport that gravitate to them. So fundraisers like this will help down the road," FitzPatrick said.

Local sponsors covered all of the costs for the race.

So all donations and registration fees go straight to the running programs.

Some of the money raised the first year will go towards getting state rings for the 2016 Lakeland Boys Cross Country State Championship team.

You can register for the race through the link below. 

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EAGLE RIVER - The efforts to save the Eagle River Ice Arena will take another step in the right direction. 

The fund raising goal has not been met but phase one of the project is expected to start in July. 

Board members tell us more than $150,000 has been raised. 

Those funds and borrowed money from the bank will jump start the renovations. 

Phase one includes removing the existing floor, all tubing and the boards and glass surrounding the surface. 

Plus new home and visitor benches, scorers' area and penalty boxes will be added. 

Contractors are evaluating the structural changes that will be needed to extend the size of floor. 

These renovations should be finished by November. 

Lots of money is still needed to keep the dome alive for years to come. 

For more information on how to donate or fund-raising efforts, visit the link below. 

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MINOCQUA - After years of fundraising and planning the Lakeland Area Mountain Bike Organization celebrated the opening of two miles of brand new trails. 

The Backcountry trail is a new section of the Zip Trails. 

BIkers can now ride six miles through the Zip. 

The riders said the trail is smooth, fast and absolutely stunning. 

The scenic route takes you by countless tree's, lakes and right under the zip line route. 

Trail coordinator Frank Coffen said all of the work and effort put into the project was worth every single penny. 

"We ere just really trying to make a trail system where beginners can come out and ride and we really want to support the idea of being healthy and active in silent sport," Coffen said.

$20,000 was raised for the Back Country Trail. 

LAMBO hopes to raise another $20,000 for more expansions. 

For more information on LAMBO, visit the link below. 

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THREE LAKES - Youth baseball didn't exist in Three Lakes a few years ago.

But the annual Northwoods Baseball Classic changed that stigma three years ago.

Now all sorts of teams travel to Three Lakes to play baseball during the first weekend of the summer.

"This is the biggest tournament in terms of teams we've had in the three-year history," said Northwoods Classic Director Jason Stebbeds.

Youth baseball in Three Lakes has almost tripled because of the Northwoods Baseball Classic.

"Events like this get the local boys and the coaches really fired up and enthusiastic about keeping things going," Stebbeds said.

And now the tournament attracts teams from all over the Great Lakes area.

"Part of the draw too is that we are in God's country up here and that certainly helps with the lure of coming up to the Northwoods and playing a little baseball over the weekend," Stebbeds said.

Putting together a tournament that expects thousands of people can be challenging.

Stebbeds says more than one hundred volunteers and sponsors are needed to make the classic possible.

"It is literally a twelve month project," Stebbeds said. "There's a ton of planning as you know that has to go into this."

All of that effort doesn't go unnoticed.

"To know that every cent we raise from this event goes back to help the kids and building baseball and softball in the Northwoods that does the heart pretty good," Stebbeds said.

Thirty-four teams will compete in four different age groups.

The tournament started Friday and will end on Sunday.

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MOSINEE - Two years ago you wouldn't hear a trap shot in Mosinee. But now the shots ring through town every week.

"We did year one with about two weeks heads up on it and made it happen with 25 kids and this year we almost doubled that number," said Mosinee head coach Andrea Krzanowski.

Krzanowski recruited kids of all ages and even a few who had never even shot before.

"I expected it to be super tough and stressful but everyone is super chill and we are just a big team," said rising senior Simon Barnes. 

That super chill mentality turned into a second place finish at the GNC shoot.

"You can see scores go from five or two all the way up to 23, 24, 25," Krzanowski said. 

But it has taken the shooters some time to figure out how to handle that pressure.

"Don't think about missing, if you miss it just blow it off and pretend you hit it," Barnes said.

"I have to put myself up there and tell myself 'yeah, I can do just as well as these boys. I'm gonna show these boys I can do it just like them,'" said rising sophomore Katelyn Groski.

All of those skills will be put to test at the state shoot in Rome this weekend. And coming off a second place 
finish, the shooters are more than excited.

"We build off of it. We already base things off what we know and how to do it and then we have more tips coming in and people helping us so we can focus on new opportunities," 

Whether a shooter hits one target or all 25, the Mosinee pride is what matters most.

"We are a team before and we are a team after and everyone knows we will always be there for each other," Groski said. 

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Having fun is the motto for one the newest disc golf shops in Marathon County.

"We really enjoy disc golf. We thought disc golf and selling discs would be something we would enjoy doing," said Nailed It! Disc Golf founder Brad Trittin.

Nailed It! Disc Golf was founded in 2017 by Brad and Jenna Trittin.

"We have over five thousand discs currently and growing," Brad said.

The Trittin's run their online business out of their basement in Weston.

It has more than doubled in sales its second year.

"It's very rewarding to just be able to watch the transition from very small, having some minor products and here's where we started and as they continue to grow and flourish and to continue to be successful," said Nailed It! Disc Golf team member Lindsey Westberg.

Disc golfers got the chance to try out some of their products at an exhibition over the weekend.

"We're hoping that people are being more introduced to disc golf because this one event is geared towards beginners," Brad said.

Brad says disc golf in the area is on the rise and his business feeds off of that interest.

"It is an easy to enter sport and still very challenging and something you can always just go and compete against yourself, you don't always have to compete against other people," Brad said.

The Nailed It team also believes Wisconsin might just be the most beautiful place in the country for disc golf.

"We have an excellent environment. Everybody loves the woods and you can put a disc golf course practically anywhere," Brad said.

Nailed It encourages people to give disc golf a chance because you just might love it.

"Get yourself outside of your element, go outside, get away from the technology and just be able to enjoy what is around you and your community," Westberg said.

For more information on the disc golf store, click the link below. 

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EAGLE RIVER - Pass, bump, catch: a drill that Kelli Bates and Haleigh Nelson have done together a million times.

It's something they're now passing on to the next generation.

"It's just nice to see kids that want to have a good time and are willing to try anything," Nelson said.

Bates and Nelson played together on the Wisconsin Badgers volleyball team for three seasons, then played on the same French team and are now coaching young volleyball players together.

"She knew that she wanted to play professionally and I didn't, and then all of a sudden it kind of hit me that I didn't want to stop playing," Bates said. "Then her and I ended up getting the same agent."

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MERRILL - Far away from the bright lights of Monday Night Raw, 16-year-old Kal Herro perfects his craft, hoping to get there.

"There's nothing better than having all these little kids and their whole family all cheering for you wanting you to win," Herro said.

The crowds may not be as big at the Summer Slamboree in Merrill, but most of these independent-circuit wrestlers aren't ready for prime time just yet.

"The independents are the backbone of professional wrestling," Kal's dad Dave said. "Everyone started on the independents, whether it be Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan or Dusty Rhodes.

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WAUSAU - The Hodag football team saw its first snaps under a new head coach Aaron Kraemer at a 7 on 7 tournament in Wausau Saturday afternoon.

Rhinelander was one of dozens of teams who competed in the Eastbay league.

The Hodags won their first two matchups against Marathon and Eau Claire Memorial.

Kraemer says the tournament allowed him to spread out his offense and find his players strengths.

He added that there are three different players gunning for that starting quarterback position

Returning Q-B Quinn Lamers and Peyton Erikson had a strong connection throughout the day but they weren't the only duo to shine.

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CRANDON - The Crandon International Speedway will kick off its 50th year Saturday and there are some surprises in store for local race fans.

The main event will be the off-road championships over Labor Day weekend, which will take up almost five full days.

There's going to be a 26-mile brush run loop open to fans, a parade and a concert, among other details that haven't been announced.

Raceway representative Marty Fiolka said it's going to be among the biggest events ever hosted at the speedway.

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