Operation Christmas Child sends gifts to third world countriesSubmitted: 11/19/2019
Exchanging presents helps some people get into the holiday spirit.

Samaritan's Purse aims to make sure every child can experience opening a new gift on Christmas day. Volunteers for Operation Christmas Child at Pine Grove Community Church pack shoe boxes with items and then send them to third world countries.

Amy Cottrell and her family have been packing boxes for nearly fifteen years.

"[I fill them with] hygiene products, toys, school supplies, but the biggest opportunity is each box takes a gospel opportunity to a child whose never heard the name of Jesus," said Cottrell.

The boxes arrive in more than 11 countries via plane, train, boat, or camel. Cottrell says people in our area have expressed how happy they are that they no longer have to drive three hours to the nearest central drop off location. 

"I think it's a neat opportunity for Rhinelander just to have this happening, you, know," said Cottrell. "This is an exciting event."

Volunteer Ethan Parsons says donations like this send a few messages to the children. 

"I think doing this is important because this gives the children a chance to learn about God and see that people care for them when they open that box," said Parsons.

Volunteer Emma Cottrell sees the importance of giving to others during the holiday season. 

"To give children who maybe never received a gift that experience of having someone that cares about them and actually wants to give them a gift," said Cottrell.

There were more than 250 boxes donated within one hour. Cottrell enjoys knowing that her hard work will make an impact on children across the world. 

"Seeing all of these boxes, just be delivered and seeing all of them," said Cottrell. "All these people packing boxes for these children and putting so much love and care, it's really amazing to see."

Samaritan's Purse has donated boxes to more than 168 million boys and girls. Donations are being accepted at the Pine Grove Community Church until Monday.

Story By: Maya Reese

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MINOCQUA - More than 11 thousand scientists signed a letter declaring the world is in a climate crisis. A retired science professor in the Northwoods held a seminar Monday at Minocqua Public Library about why there are reasons to be concerned and optimistic.

Speaker David Barnhill said extreme weather events like deadly hurricanes and wildfires are becoming the new normal. It will also be one of the hottest years on record.

But Barnhill said there have been many positive steps this year, including heightened activism and the Green New Deal.

"[The Green New Deal] is aimed at creating millions of jobs," said Barnhill. "It is aimed at promoting unions. It is aimed at supporting social justice at the same time that is working seriously on the climate."

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RHINELANDER - Thousands of Wisconsin hunters will take to the woods early Saturday for the first day of gun deer season. Forest officials and environmental experts want to make sure people know about certain rules regarding trees and woodland safety. 

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CRANDON - A series of bills introduced by Mary Felzkowski (R-Irma) would allow all employees who are part of the Wisconsin Retirement System to re-enter the workforce after leaving it.

The School District of Crandon administrator, Larry Palubicki says the bill might receive their support.

"I think it's a bill that we would be in support of to keep high-quality educators after they retire," said Palubicki

Felzkowski said this will not solve the Wisconsin teacher shortage, but it is a step in the right direction.

"This isn't a long term solution; this is to help fill vacancies in the interim until they can find someone," said Felzkowski

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RHINELANDER - There are 582 million entrepreneurs in the world.

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RHINELANDER - Kathy Orton rushed to stuff her shopping cart with things like diapers and paper towels at 6 a.m. Monday. Most of it wasn't for her.

"No. It's for other people," said Orton.

Orton won the annual shopping spree contest at Trig's in Rhinelander. She had about three minutes to take two of almost any item in the store.

"I wasn't expecting this at all, so I thought 'get for everybody,'" said Orton.

To pay it forward, she made a list of things to get other people, starting with her mother.

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WAUSAU - Granite Peak Ski Area in Wausau celebrated its opening weekend. Skiers and snowboarders came from all over the state to enjoy the fresh snow.

The ski area managed to set some records. It has the most snow on the ground and more trails open out of any opening weekend in the past.

"We have 21 runs open out of 68. We have 56% of our terrain open so we have three lifts, 21 runs, that's the most we've ever been able to open with," said Granite Peak marketing director Lisa Zilinsky.

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Local women picked up paint brushes and learned how to create a masterpiece from an empty canvas today.

Kelly Smith travels around the Northwoods hosting painting events. Gallery on the Go with Kelly provides canvases, paint, and personal guidance to help people create new works of art. Smith says the lack of local painting opportunities like this inspired her to start teaching her classes.

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