Job Title: Entry-Level/Mid-Level Web Designer          12/10/2018
County/ies: Oneida
Job Duties: Design, create, and modify Web sites. Analyze user needs to implement Web site content, graphics, performance, and capacity. May integrate Web sites with other computer applications. May convert written, graphic, audio, and video components to compatible Web formats by using software designed to facilitate the creation of Web and multimedia content. Analyze user needs to determine technical requirements. Back up files from web sites to local directories for instant recovery in case of problems. Confer with management or development teams to prioritize needs, resolve conflicts, develop content criteria, or choose solutions. Design, build, or maintain web sites, using authoring or scripting languages, content creation tools, management tools, and digital media. Write, design, or edit web page content, or direct others producing content.
Qualifications: High School Diploma/GED Equivalent Required. The perfect candidate would have some college in website design/development or equivalent experience but is not necessary. Position will receive on-the-job training. Class D - Regular (Auto, Light Truck, Moped) Required. The perfect candidate would be a junior to mid-level web designer/developer with some experience in web design, PHP, graphic manipulation programs, writing website content, interacting with website customers to develop requirements and functionality for new or upgraded websites.
Pay Rate: $15.00 Per Hour to $20.00 Per Hour
Hours: Full-Time, 35 Hours Per Week
Contact: RHINELANDER JOB SERVICE (715) 365-1500

Job Title: Machinist 2450020          12/10/2018
County/ies: Lincoln
Job Duties: Demonstrate a professional level of respect and dignity toward all personnel, vendors, customers, and expect the same in return. Operate with safety, quality, production efficiency, and intense continuous improvement. Assist with developing a deep customer base. Participate in job costing information relative to time and materials. Be a problem resolver. Work to meet delivery dates. Share in the general shop work load. When assigned, you are responsible for proper training of personnel. Programming, set up, and operation of machine(s). You are responsible for effective and efficient use of time, raw materials, shop equipment, and tooling. Responsible for accuracy of tools (micrometers, etc.), maintain shop equipment and tooling. Inspection and quality assurance. Share machining information, process, setups, speeds and feeds with other personnel. Ongoing education and certification. Keep accurate daily time logs, time cards, etc. Must react to change productively and perform other job duties as necessary.
Qualifications: High School Diploma/GED Equivalent Required. 18 or older Required. 2+ Years' Experience is Required. Degree in Machining is a PLUS! A technical diploma in machine tool operation or equivalent preferred. Advanced skills in machining required, or at a minimum, 5 years' experience. Good technical, mechanical, communication, and math skills required. Advanced skills in operation of the following machines: CNC machining centers, lathe, welders, milling machine, drill press and cut off saw. Ability to work from drawings, sketches, specifications, oral and written instructions. Must prepare legible written reports. Promote and optimize a high degree of work ethic and quality assurance. Can plan, prioritize, and organize. Work effectively under pressure and within time deadlines. Certification is required to operate fork lifts.
Pay Rate: Based on Experience
Hours: Full-Time, 40 to 50 Hours Per Week
Contact: RHINELANDER JOB SERVICE (715) 365-1500

Job Title: Assistant Store Manager 2455480          12/10/2018
County/ies: Oneida
Job Duties: • Answer questions regarding the store and its merchandise. • Watch for and recognize security risks and thefts and know how to prevent or handle these situations. • Prepare merchandise for purchase or rental. • Inventory stock and requisition new stock. • Greet customers and ascertain what each customer wants or needs. • Compute sales prices, total purchases and receive and process cash or credit payment. • Clean shelves, counters, and tables. • Recommend, select, and help locate or obtain merchandise based on customer needs and desires. • Open and close cash registers, performing tasks such as counting money, separating charge slips, coupons, and vouchers, balancing cash drawers, and making deposits.
Qualifications: 18 or older Required. Previous Retail and/or Managerial experience preferred.
Pay Rate: Based on Experience
Hours: Full-Time/Part-Time, 10 to 40 Hours Per Week
Contact: RHINELANDER JOB SERVICE (715) 365-1500

Job Title: Welder/Fabricator 2454376          12/10/2018
County/ies: Langlade
Job Duties: Oversee and work with team of welder fabricators helping ensure on-time delivery of quality weldments. Perform quality assurance checks throughout the duration of each project, logging all discrepancies. • Utilize JobBoss software to complete jobs and keep smooth work flow going. • Inventory welding supplies and distribute as needed • Welds basic to advanced weldments with minimal, if any, quality errors. Any errors documented and corrected before proceeded on project. • Proficient at following and looking up weld procedures, work instructions, and inspection criteria • Meets/demonstrates all safety requirements. • Demonstrate the ability to meet routed hours with acceptable quality. • Work from basic to advanced drawings and job layouts (up to 10 pgs) • Understand and read weld symbols • Basic crane operations and rigging with minimal supervision • Perform quality checks throughout process • Visual weld inspection • Operate hand burn plasma and torch • Understand and apply weld sequencing with guidance • Basic fabrication techniques and application • Basic straightening techniques • Assisting with Quality Control checks in all departments, as needed
Qualifications: Must be certified
Pay Rate: $18.00 Per Hour to $23.00 Per Hour
Hours: Full-Time, 40 Hours Per Week
Contact: RHINELANDER JOB SERVICE (715) 365-1500

Job Title: Support & Service Coordinator 2448290          12/03/2018
County/ies: Oneida, The Human Service Center serves the needs of citizens of Forest, Oneida and Vilas Counties.
Job Duties: Provide comprehensive needs assessments; facilitate and participate in the development, review and evaluation of Individualized Family Service Plans and Transition Plans; and provide ongoing supervision, monitoring and follow-up to each assigned case. Respond to emergency situations as they arise; coordinate with community service providers such as medical and other health care providers; and act as client advocate as needed. Perform documentation of services as required; complete mandatory record/case reviews; and participate in a primary coach approach to teaming for the Birth to 3 Program. Facilitate access to services, coordinate and monitor. As a member of the Birth to 3 team, you will provide service coordination to children with developmental delays or disabilities, and their families, including evaluation, assessment, service plan development, and provision of follow-up/service coordination services with other community partners including local school districts.
Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree Required. Social worker certification or eligible for certification in Wisconsin preferred. Class D - Regular (Auto, Light Truck, Moped) Required. Two years of experience working primarily with children with developmental delays or disabilities. Experience within the last five years with knowledge of Birth to 3 services preferred.
Pay Rate: $20.20 Per Hour to $22.31 Per Hour
Hours: Full-Time, 37 to 38 Hours Per Week
Contact: RHINELANDER JOB SERVICE (715) 365-1500

Job Title: Wheel Production Team Member 2449571          12/03/2018
County/ies: Langlade
Job Duties: The Wheel Production Team Member is responsible for manufacturing Sartori's award winning cheese. Operates packing equipment to fill cheese wheel molds with cheese curd, monitoring cheese wheel size. Stacks wheels horizontally onto cheese presses. Flips 20 lb. wheels in press to ensure proper wheel form. Palletizes finished wheels and transfers cheese to other production areas using forklift. Removes cheese from molds, trimming excess product with knife. Cleans and sanitizes production area and manufacturing.
Qualifications: National Career Readiness Certificate: Preferred. High School Diploma/GED Equivalent Desired. 18 or older Required. High school diploma or equivalency; preferred. Ability to lift 20-30 lbs. repetitively, flipping and lifting product above shoulder height and from waist down to floor level pallets. Ability to stay motivated in a fast-paced environment. Outstanding attendance record and team focus to meet and exceed customer expectations. Good reasoning skills to overcome production challenges. Quality focused – able to follow all personal and food safety requirements.
Pay Rate: $15.50 Per Hour
Hours: Full-Time, 40 to 55 Hours Per Week
Contact: RHINELANDER JOB SERVICE (715) 365-1500

Job Title: Crisis Service Facilitator 2450332          12/03/2018
County/ies: Oneida, respond to crisis calls for Forest, Oneida and Vilas County residents.
Job Duties: Provide telephone and face-to-face crisis intervention/de-escalation service facilitation with clients making contact through the emergency services crisis line. Collaborate with other community service providers, perform assessments, and determine immediate care needs for client safety and least restrictive crisis resolution plan. Represent the agency for approval of Chapter 51 emergency detentions. Develop appropriate crisis plans and associated referrals using individual, family and community resources. Provide linkage and follow-up services following client stabilization. Monitor and evaluate client compliance with treatment plans, aiding when needed and modifying plans when appropriate. Complete all associated documentation. Communicate effectively with internal staff and external service providers for client care. Provide on-call crisis intervention services when required. Work on continuous development of community resources and collaborative relationships.
Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree Required. Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Human Services or Social Work preferred or Registered Nurse with training in psychiatric nursing or one-year experience in a clinical behavioral health facility setting. Required, Mileage reimbursement available. Class A - Commercial Motor Vehicle Required. Class D - Regular (Auto, Light Truck, Moped) Required. Knowledge of de-escalation procedures in potentially volatile situations. Ability to remain calm and professional when immediate client care is required. Knowledge of behavioral health diagnoses and appropriate responses to crises. Knowledge of Wisconsin State Statutes involving human service providers, programs and client care. Need 20-40 hours of Wisconsin Certified Crisis Screening Training and one-year experience of behavioral health service facilitation including direct crisis experience.
Pay Rate: $23.01 Per Hour to $25.41 Per Hour
Hours: Full-Time, 37.5 to 40 Hours Per Week
Contact: RHINELANDER JOB SERVICE (715) 365-1500

Job Title: E911 Telecommunicator 2451155           12/03/2018
County/ies: Oneida
Job Duties: Monitor and answer all telephone calls and radio transmission, for emergency and nonemergency calls for service, for the following: Oneida County Sheriff's Department; various Oneida County Law Enforcement agencies; first responder units; fire departments; Emergency Medical Services (EMS); NAWAS Weather Warning System; Plectron Warning System; and State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies. This may include dispatching from a emergency command post. Responsible to determine/evaluate needs of callers, by utilizing procedures and practices, and then dispatch the appropriate personnel/agency. This may require the coordination with other Public Service Answering Points (PSAP) in and outside of Oneida County. This requires the responsibility to establish priorities for calls for service. Operate a wide variety of computer hardware and software systems. Enter and maintain all information (some being confidential) received, as required and directed, into the Records Management System (RMS) and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. These files include: geography (GEO) and mapping file, runaway/missing persons file, temporary restraining order files, warrant files, business record files, and calls for service and patrol area summaries. Perform all Crime Information Bureau (CIB) and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) transactions as required and in accordance with state and federal regulations. Monitor and operate equipment/building control systems for Law Enforcement Center equipment such as: camera security system, fire alarms, and all facility entrance doors. Operate and maintain communication recording system.
Qualifications: High School Diploma/GED Equivalent Required. Class D - Regular (Auto, Light Truck, Moped) Required. Maintain required certifications for CIB/TIME system. 18 or older Required. This position requires use of radio equipment, computers and computer-aided technology; ability to maintain confidentiality and multi-task is mandatory.
Pay Rate: $17.05 Per Hour to $21.92 Per Hour
Hours: Full-Time, 37.5 Hours Per Week
Contact: RHINELANDER JOB SERVICE (715) 365-1500

Job Title: Motorcycle/ATV Mechanic/Technician Order # 2444827          11/27/2018
County/ies: Oneida
Job Duties: Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, dirt bikes, or similar motorized vehicles. Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, dirt bikes, ATV's, PWC's, outdoor power equipment or similar motorized vehicles. Properly inspect and report on unit estimates the first time. Repair and service units in a timely manner in accordance with flat rate times. Be aware of all service bulletins and check for their completion. Keep area clean. Correctly use time card clock in/out procedures. Advise on additional work needed on all repair orders. Connect test panels to engines and measure generator output, ignition timing, or other engine performance indicators. Disassemble subassembly units and examine condition, movement, or alignment of parts, visually or using gauges. Dismantle engines and repair or replace defective parts, such as magnetos, carburetors, or generators. Mount, balance, change, or check condition or pressure of tires. Listen to engines, examine vehicle frames, or confer with customers to determine nature and extent of malfunction or damage. Reassemble and test subassembly units. Reassemble frames and reinstall engines after repairs. Repair or adjust motorcycle subassemblies, such as forks, transmissions, brakes, or drive chains, according to specifications. Repair or replace other parts, such as headlights, horns, handlebar controls, gasoline or oil tanks, starters, or mufflers. Replace defective parts, using hand tools, arbor presses, flexible power presses, or power tools.
Qualifications: High School Diploma/GED Equivalent Desired. Class D - Regular (Auto, Light Truck, Moped) Desired. Class M - Motorcycle Desired. 18 or older Desired. Working mechanical knowledge. Good understanding of tools and how they work. Must have own tools except for specialty OEM tools.
Pay Rate: Negotiable
Hours: Full-Time, 37 to 45 Hours Per Week
Contact: RHINELANDER JOB SERVICE (715) 365-1500

Job Title: Accountant/Bookkeeper 2445469          11/27/2018
County/ies: Oneida
Job Duties: Prepare and process payroll, tax payments and forms. Prepare sales tax returns. Reconcile accounts and create journal entries as needed. Enter receipts and disbursements and reconcile bank accounts. Prepare financial statements.
Qualifications: Bachelor, Associate or Technical Degree preferred. Strong understanding of accounting principles. Proficiency with Excel, Word and QuickBooks. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Ability to take direction and work independently. Critical thinking and analytical skills.
Pay Rate: $12.00 Per Hour to $20.00 Per Hour
Hours: Full-Time/Part-Time, 24 to 40 Hours Per Week, Based on experience
Contact: RHINELANDER JOB SERVICE (715) 365-1500


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