Rhinelander tennis coach Bob Heideman retires after long, successful tenureSubmitted: 05/25/2020

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RHINELANDER - "There's an old saying that you get good at what you spend time doing," said Rhinelander tennis coach Bob Heideman.

After more than three decades coaching on the high school's tennis courts, Heideman has seen that wisdom manifest, both in himself and his players.

"It's nothing more than, I think, the combination of hard work, which is hours and then being smart about those hours," Heideman said.

Heideman will spend the rest of his hours away from the Rhinelander program that he's coached for so long.

He informed the district that he will retire after the cancelled season officially ends June 13.

"I think it's an opportunity, it's a time, it's a break, where somebody can come in and see what they can do," Heideman said.

Whoever it is, they'll have quite an act to follow.

Heideman's success in Rhinelander has earned him a spot in the Wisconsin High School Tennis Coaches' Hall of Fame. He piled up 591 career wins, 21 conference titles and two sectional championships.

He makes sure to keep all those honors that he makes sure to keep in the proper perspective.

"Doctors retire, teachers retire, people in the community retire and not all of them have the good fortune of being recognized for a career of good works," Heideman said.

As for Heideman's many triumphs, he doesn't quite see them as his own.

"The athletes, without what they gave, I wouldn't be talking to you," Heideman said. "So I'd like to thank them too."

Their success, both on the court and in life, is the only "you're welcome" Heideman ever needed.

"If you can improve, I think life will hold good things for you," Heideman said.

Assistant coach Matt Nichols will be the interim head coach of Rhinelander tennis until a permanent replacement can be named.

Story By: Andrew Goldstein

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TOMAHAWK - The two things you notice at the Tomahawk Speedway are the noise and the signs.

"We've got social distancing signs up all over the place, just to give people a reminder that hey, six feet is encouraged," said track co-owner Andrew Bartelt.

The speedway opened its season over the Memorial Day Weekend, finishing it off with the bluntly-titled Afternoon of Wrecking Stuff, a marathon demolition derby.

"This is basically a cheap way for us to get into it and have a little bit of fun," said racer Michael Plate.

Bartelt installed hand-sanitizing stations and asked people to stay six feet apart while watching the races.

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PHILLIPS - Anglers all across Wisconsin rushed to the lakes for Saturday's musky opening.

Technically, musky season has two opening days.

The opening day for the southern zone, defined as waters south of Highway 10, happened at the beginning of the month.

This was the start of fishing season for everything from Marshfield on north.

License application numbers are not out yet, but early estimates from the DNR say that it was an active application season.

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NORTHWOODS - The State Legion Executive Committee will announce Saturday whether or not there will be a 2020 legion baseball season in Wisconsin.

Regional directors met virtually on Wednesday to make private recommendations to the committee.

Options range from a complete cancellation to going forward as scheduled.

Playing with a modified start date or without crowds is also an option.

Local legion coaches say they favor any solution that lets the kids play ball.

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LAKE TOMAHAWK - The saw chips are piled up near second base.

An eerie silence hangs over Lake Tomahawk's snowshoe baseball field, one that will persist all summer.

"We're going to be criticized for it, but I have to look out for my workers, their family and their kids," said Snowhawks manager Jeff Smith.

Several town organizations decided in conjunction with the municipal government to cancel the 2020 snowshoe season.

The prospect of travel from outside the local area played heavily into the decision.

"You can almost bet that there's going to be someone from every state coming to see this," Smith said. "This little town, we have 500 to 1,000 people; on the fourth of July it's over 2,000, how are going to manage that?"

Gov.Tony Evers' Badger Bounce Back program restricts crowd size to less than 50 people until widespread immunity to COVID-19 develops.

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- The NBA is in talks with The Walt Disney Company on a single-site scenario for a resumption of play in Central Florida in late July, the clearest sign yet that the league believes the season can continue amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The National Basketball Players Association is also part of the talks with Disney, the league said Saturday. Games would be held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, a massive campus on the Disney property near Orlando.

NBA spokesman Mike Bass said the conversations were still "exploratory," and that the Disney site would be used for practices and housing as well.

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Nose tackle Kenny Clark is also in the group of players that needs some more down time.

"I don't think it was any secret, I mean, we've talked about it and felt like Kenny played too many plays," Pettine said.

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The Green Bay Packers will re-open their facilities to 75 employees on Tuesday, May 26, per Rob Demovsky of ESPN.

Players and coaches are still not allowed to show up, except for those receiving medical treatment.

Areas of Lambeau Field that are normally open to the public remain closed. The team is in the planning stages of re-opening those areas.

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The NCAA is allowing Division I athletes to return to team facilities for voluntary workouts starting Monday, June 1.

Some programs may choose to wait longer than this in order to comply with guidelines set by state and local authorities, or by the school itself.

Required activities are still suspended through June 30.

UW-Madison has cancelled on-campus summer programs and camps. Online classes will continue through the summer.

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