Tomahawk puts finishing touches on new football field Submitted: 08/01/2020
There it sits: a brand new football field that has yet to be christened by its first game day tackle.

"I think it's really going to help us with the future for Tomahawk," said senior Tyler Beck. "It will give them a little more confidence when they step out on the field."

Tomahawk got that new field after years of planning and more than $2.2 million of private donations.

"Once the funding got secured, it was a really quick chain of events to get bidding done, to get contractors in," said football coach Sam Hernandez. "The timeline couldn't have worked out better."

The field isn't just new; it's entirely different. Tomahawk's old field was made of grass and it was getting pretty worn down. But now, they're planning to play on brand new turf come the fall.

"Dirt just gets dug up and stuff when it rains," said senior Kade Wenninger. "It just gets all muddy and slippery. There was a big hill, but it's nice and flat now."

Seniors like Beck and Wenninger are in a rare position, where everything is new just as they're about to graduate.

"Our coaches changed, the field has changed, the whole atmosphere around football; there's a lot more guys coming out to play," Beck said.

But Tomahawk's love for their team is one thing that will never change.

"Right now when I go to the gas station to fill up, people are asking about the field," Hernandez said. "And the questions are tethered with excitement."

Story By: Andrew Goldstein

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