CD-7 Republican candidate, Church, discusses trade in Rothschild Submitted: 01/22/2020
ROTHSCHILD - Candidates in Wisconsin's 7th congressional district race are taking their message directly to voters with less than one month until the primary election in February. 

In Rothschild Wednesday, Republican candidate Jason Church toured Wausau Tile; engaging in a wide-ranging conversation with staff.

First, he focused on trade and said the president's replacement for NAFTA, USMCA, should have been passed sooner. The United States-Mexico-Canada agreement was drafted in 2018 but only recently made its way to the president's desk.

During the discussion, Church also mentioned other factors that he believes have hampered Wisconsin businesses.

"I also see things like regulation and a continued push for more federal government involvement things like business, that stymie innovation, stymie growth and prohibit industries such as yours and others from doing what they need to do," said Church.

When asked his thoughts on the president's new $200 billion trade deal with China, Church said he trusts Trump despite his volatile relationship with China.

"You always need to be working towards a solution and I think that's what the president's doing here," said Church. "There are obviously verification mechanisms that are being put in place by the Trump administration to make sure they are in compliance."

Church was also asked about his support of the second amendment in light of a new TV ad that shows him firing a shot gun.

Church said gun control measures being pushed by Washington and people in coastal cities concern him. He went on to say that he believed gun violence can't be addressed without targeting mental health.

"Now we're finally saying your wounds up here, are the same as my physical wounds down here and you need to go and its okay to seek the mental health you need," said Church.

Church also commented on the impeachment proceedings, saying he believed Democrats have had it out for Trump since day one.

When asked how he would get things done in Washington, Church touted his endorsements from "like-minded" lawmakers like Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa, Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Rep. Adam Kinzinger or Illinois and Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas. 

During the discussion, Church also referenced his military record, siding with the Trump administration on the killing of Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani. Church reiterated his belief that Soleimani may have funded the attack that injured him while serving in Afghanistan.  

Church will face Minocqua Sen. Tom Tiffany in the Republican primary for Wisconsin's 7th congressional district on Feb. 18.

Story By: Stephen Goin

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