Rhinelander District Library Reopens Carnegie Entrance Submitted: 09/10/2019
RHINELANDER - The Rhinelander District Library reopened its original Carnegie entrance Tuesday after it was closed in 1984.

The funds to reopen the entrance were provided by a private donors and the Rhinelander Masonic Lodge and the "Re-store the Door campaign.

The library originally opened 114 years ago. The library's cornerstone holds a time capsule from the Rhinelander Masonic Lodge and the Rhinelander Womans Club.

Some people say they are happy to go back to the original entrance.

"The idea of having a main entrance that looks like a library, a lot of libraries never closed their entrances, we did and now we're going back to this one," said Virginia Robertson, the Director of the Rhinelander District Library.

Robertson is also excited to have a door that can weather the elements.

"We've had a little leakage underneath the doors and we'd like to seal them up and have a door that works, all year round," said Robertson.

The library wants to keep the Carnegie entrance open for a long time.

There are also plans to add on to the former Stevens St. entrance. 

Story By: Zackery White

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