Antigo football sets goal of taking back the conference title Submitted: 08/19/2019
ANTIGO - Antigo football's Facebook cover photo shows the team holding up their five goals for the 2019 season.

"We had them talk it over and make sure as a team they figured out what they want to accomplish," head coach Tom Schofield said.

The first of those goals is simple: take back the Great Northern Conference.

"I guess we always want to prove ourselves and last year wasn't a good run," senior fullback Noah Musolff said.

Antigo's particularly focused on Rhinelander, and winning the annual Bell Game for the 13th straight time is priority number two.

"Just knowing that we've had the bell for so long, I mean, it gives us a little more reason to keep it here because it would be a shame to lose the streak," senior quarterback Nevin Cornelius said.

Goal number three involves defending their home of Schofield Stadium.

"It's the biggest atmosphere you could have," Schofield said. "Playing for not only their parents, but their student body, their community, they're really playing for everyone in that stadium."

To win those home games, the Robins will need a lot of big plays, which is why goal number four is to lead the conference in yards.

"Our plan is to just do all of our assignments and just get positive yards every play," Cornelius said.

More than anything else, the Robins have their eyes set on the playoffs.

"I'm pretty confident," Musolff said. "We've got a pretty talented team. They know what to expect."

The Robins start their season with two tough games: first on the road at Amherst and then home against reigning state runner-up Stratford.

Story By: Andrew Goldstein

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