Rhinelander restaurants enjoying the large crowd Submitted: 07/10/2019
RHINELANDER - Traffic got heavier Rhinelander last week when Hodag Country Fest campers started pulling into town. The traffic might be annoying, but businesses are loving it.

Friendship House on Lincoln Street has been serving a lot more hungry customers than normal this week thanks to the arrival of the festival. Chef Chris Hazelton doesn't mind working hard.

"It's good to be busy," said Hazelton. "It's the only way to be. That's why we're here. We're here to be busy. So, it's a good thing. We staff more cooks, our purveyors have to bring more products in, it's probably our best week out of the year."

Friendship House suggests you show up early in the morning or have a late lunch to avoid getting there during a crowded time.

Story By: Devin Biggs

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