Casa Mexicana gets new food truck Submitted: 07/10/2019
RHINELANDER - Casa Mexicana started taking its food on the road around 3 years ago. A recent purchase will make that easier.

The restaurant in Rhinelander bought a new truck and picked it up last week. Alejandro Jacinto flew out to New Jersey to get it and make the long trip back. He's thankful for all the support the community gives.

"We wouldn't be doing what we're doing without the love and support of the community," said Jacinto. "The police officer patrolling out there keeping us safe, the firefighters, the town, just everyone that contributes to this local community is just helping us we just want to help them back by doing what we can."

Casa Mexicana will sell food at the Oneida County Fair and a new event called Project North in September. They hope to start catering at the Hodag Fest next year.

Story By: Devin Biggs

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