New kickboxing class comes to local YMCA Submitted: 01/07/2019
RHINELANDER - Nobody ever wants to get in a fight, but should the worst happen, it's important to know how to fight back.

"It's trying to get people in, get them moving, get their body mechanics down, get their momentum feeling it so that you can defend yourself in a worst-case situation," class instructor Steve Augustyn said.

Augustyn is not a newcomer to the sport.

"I got introduced to martial arts at eight years old and just stayed with it all throughout," Augustyn said.

Now Augustyn teaches people the basics of what he spent a lifetime learning, and more than a few people enjoy the lessons.

"I'm a wellness type of person so I just want to add to my skills and have fun," class participant Jim Sarkauskas said.

Those lessons extend far beyond just kicking and punching.

"This builds up your emotional confidence, your mental tolerance to adversity, to change," Augustyn said. "[It] really helps you see the whole picture as opposed to just one aspect of it."

People don't need to be experts to get in on the fun, either.

"Give it a try," Sarkauskas said. "That's what I'm doing. I've never kick-boxed either, but I'm going to do it now."

YMCA of the Northwoods runs kickboxing classes every Monday and Wednesday until Feb. 20.

The class costs $15 for members and $35 for non-members.

Story By: Andrew Goldstein

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