Downtown Rhinelander turned green for St. Patrick's Day Submitted: 03/17/2018
RHINELANDER - Downtown Rhinelander turned into a sea of green on Saturday.

The St. Patrick's Day Parade brought in hundreds down to Brown Street.

Green beer, good food and great music made for a perfect St. Patrick's Day.

While most people wore their green clothes proudly, Mike Lamarre from Suring Wisconsin didn't get the memo.

"My eyes are green that's it," said Lamarre.

Lamarre came to Rhinelander with one thing on his to do list.

"To drink a little green beer," said Lamarre.

Hundreds of people had the same mission.

Joanna and Julie Young also hit the streets to enjoy Rhinelander's St. Patty's Day Parade.

"I love parades. Makes you feel like a kid again," said Julie.

The parade included local businesses who participated in the Rhinelander pub crawl.

Story By: Erin Beu

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