Minocqua Winter Park hosts one of the first snowshoe races of the season Submitted: 01/07/2018
MINOCQUA - One of the season's first snowshoe races kicked off on Sunday at Minocqua Winter Park. 28 racers participated in the 6th annual Moose Tracks snowshoe race.

Racers could choose to run a 5K or 10K race. The Minocqua Winter Park says the Moose Tracks race is always the park's first event of the season.

"People are just starting, you know, to get their feet underneath them embracing winter, embracing the cold. Many of them, this will be there first one to start and then they continue throughout the rest of the season with many other events," said Minocqua Winter Park Executive Director, Christie Terkelson.

Not only is it one of the first races of the year, but it also draws participants because of the types of trails Minocqua Winter Park has. 

"Many of the trails that they're running on are really enclosed within the park, so they're pretty protected today by the wind. So although it feels cold to us, standing out here watching as spectators, they're pretty well protected today," said Terkelson. 

In addition to the race, the park also held its local appreciation day Sunday. People could get trail passes, go snow tubing, and ice skate for free.

Story By: Newswatch 12 Team

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