Downtown Minocqua plans to get a makeover this holiday season Submitted: 11/14/2017
MINOCQUA - Minocqua will turn on thousands of holiday lights this week.

The Minocqua Island Business Association set aside a few thousand dollars for volunteers to light up downtown.

"It's so simple to put lights on and the reward is so great," said lights volunteer Dale Haessly.

Haessly wanted to bring some holiday spirit to downtown Minocqua this year.

"I think with all the lights, as we go into the future it could be a truly winter wonderland destination," said Haessly.

Haessly teamed up with one other volunteer to hang up the thousands of holiday lights.

"[We want to] make it a little more spectacular for Christmas," said Haessly.

The Minocqua Island Business Association granted Haessly about $5,000 to complete this project.

This is the first year downtown Minocqua will be lit up altogether. But there were three businesses that turned down the holiday lighting.

"Anytime you do something new, you run into some resistance, but we kind of expected that," Haessly said with a laugh.

Earth Goods owner Karissa Livingston was more than happy to see volunteers 'up on her rooftop' Tuesday.

"I think it's going to look really nice [because we are] getting into the Christmas spirit for when people drive through. I think it's going to look really good," Livingston said.

Livingston thinks keeping the holiday magic around is important for the kids.

"Oh, it makes you feel good. The kids love it, they get so excited," said Livingston.

"[it will be] a real draw for families and kids to come downtown," said Haessly.

The volunteers plan to finish up the project before Friday.

Story By: Erin Beu

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