Lake Tomahawk voters call for amendment to Citizens United Submitted: 11/09/2016
LAKE TOMAHAWK - Corporations, unions, and other groups rather than people can contribute huge amounts of money to political issues.

But there is growing support across the nation to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.

Lake Tomahawk was one of 18 communities across Wisconsin that voted against Citizens United Tuesday.

Town Supervisor Catherine Parker wanted it on the ballot after studying it for years.

"I've been watching the effects of it over the years, the flood of this dark money in a number of campaigns and you don't know who's giving it. They can hide it and often it's in ugly TV ads and ugly mailings. I think it kind of pollutes our democratic process," said Parker.

Parker and the other two town board members approved the advisory referendum on the ballot.

Voters were asked if they believed, "Only human beings are endowed with constitutional rights- not corporations, unions, and nonprofits and money is not speech, and therefore regulating political spending is not equivalent to limiting speech."

91 percent of voters in Lake Tomahawk said yes.

"91 percent for it is just wonderful. This is to let everyone in town have their say which, to me, is the best citizen democracy," said Parker.

Across the country, 18 state legislatures and more than 700 communities have voted for an amendment to the ruling.

Story By: Katie Thoresen

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