Ascension CEO visits veterans at Rhinelander hospital Submitted: 04/27/2016
RHINELANDER - Since March, veterans in the Northwoods can receive care from Ministry Health Care.

The CEO of Ascension visited veterans at Saint Mary's Hospital in Rhinelander on Wednesday to see how well the program is serving them.

The Veterans Choice program allows veterans to receive healthcare at participating hospitals if they are facing long wait times or must travel more than 40 miles to the nearest VA hospital. 

The feedback from veterans has been largely positive. 

"I'm really pleased to hear from the veterans that our caregivers here, all of our caregivers, are really treating them with respect, dignity, and compassion that they deserve, not only as a human being, but also as a veteran," said Ascension CEO Anthony Tersigni.

Ministry Health Care is part of Ascension, the largest nonprofit healthcare system in the nation.

Tersigni said that helping veterans is part of Ascension's mission to serve.

"Our commitment is to take care of all persons, with special attention to those living in poverty and those who are vulnerable," said Tersigni. "And, quite honestly, today I met with some veterans who are vulnerable. And our hope is to really improve the quality of life for them and their families."

The Veterans Choice Act is still expanding across the state and country.

Story By: Marissa Mizroch

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