Local doctor's life experiences led him to become a chiropractor Submitted: 06/29/2015
RHINELANDER - A local doctor proudly calls the Northwoods his home.

Some of Doctor Greg Michals' life experiences led him to make the decision to become a chiropractor.

"There was these car accidents that I got involved with in high school," Michals said. "It was three of them I got in senior year. Usually I tell people I wasn't driving; I had a poor taste in friends."

The third car accident put Michals' head through a window. He was carried out of the car on a back board. He says doctors started giving him pills to help his chronic pain, but want to rely on pills to live, so he took a recommendation to see a chiropractor.

"At that point I had nothing to lose," Michals said. "My neck was pretty banged up, and I went for a few visits, and I was just amazed after a few adjustments--my neck pain was gone. I said, 'This is so cool. I think I'm looking at a career change'."

Now Michaels practices a technique that originate in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. It's called the Gonstead System, named after Clarence Gonstead. Michal's says the technique really took off in the '60s and '70s.

"He  (Gonstead) was getting massive groups of chiropractors to make these trips out, and at the height of the Gonstead clinic there was a big hotel that was built next to the clinic, which is still there today, actually," Michals said. "There was even an airstrip that was built in Mount Horeb for people to fly in from around the world."

The Gonstead System is now practiced around the world, and it brought Michal's from the Twin Cities to Rhinelander. He will one day take over a Rhinelander practice.

"I tell people if they've never seen a chiropractor before or even if they have, what I do is different from my analysis in my explanation, education," said Michals.

Story By: Nolan Blair

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