Price County student PSAs draw attention to teen dating violence Submitted: 02/24/2015
PRENTICE - Some Northwoods high school students want to ensure that teen dating violence is no longer invisible.

"The whole goal is to get people to feel that way, that they can come to somebody if they're in trouble," said Prentice High School junior Sierra Ulrich. Radio listeners in Price and Rusk Counties can now hear PSAs made by Ulrich and other Prentice High School students. For these students, putting words on a recorder was just a small part of the project. "We read off some facts, and did a little bit of editing--not much--had to fit a certain time gap. Called that good," said Sydney Wilund. "That's when we sent them in." "Oh my gosh, they're amazing," said Becky Steinbach, the Youth Program Coordinator at TimeOut Abuse Shelter in Price County, said of the PSAs. "People ask, 'Did you have those professionally recorded? Did you hire people to do that?' They are incredible." TimeOut helped provide facts and education for the production of the PSAs. "I think [making the spots is] good, because it's scary how this is actually a problem," Wilund said. "If you're in that situation, you can hear it and know that maybe you're not so alone with the whole thing," Ulrich said. February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and the spots have been airing on 98Q Country in Price County and other stations in the area. "It's pretty cool to hear yourself on the radio," said Brandon Annala. TimeOut believes the spots are uniquely effective. "When they do the PSAs, and these are broadcast all over the county, other peers have that benefit of hearing their peers talk about it," Steinbach said. "It's not even like you had to act for these projects," said Wilund. "It was an eye-opener." Visit the link below to find out more about TimeOut.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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