Coalition works to bring healthy options to Langlade County Submitted: 12/10/2014
WHITE LAKE - One Northwoods town feels there's a new spark in the community. A new health initiative is bringing changes to White Lake. They're teaming up with Langlade Health Coalition to bring bigger improvements to the area. White Lake planted its first community garden this summer. When White Lake wanted more vegetables in town, the coalition stepped in to help.

"We really look for the holes and the gaps and where there can be improvements in the community. We research some evidence based programing. Then the groups, we really try to implement those programs into the community," said Langlade Health Coalition Community Health Improvement Specialist, Meghan O'Hearn. Langlade Health Coalition runs through Langlade Hospital. When a community like White Lake wants to improve their health goals, they're available. "Without their assistance we probably wouldn't have gotten the community garden going. Because we needed money, and we were able to get a grant from them. We needed that and that was a help and they're willing to keep with us and keep working with us," said Judy Popelka. The coalition returned to White Lake Wednesday. They toured a new health clinic and checked out the community fitness center. O'Hearn says it's something they want to do all over Langlade County. "We're looking to be connected, and we're looking to connect. Different communities to connect with us and with each other. I think that's one of our biggest challenges. Getting the word out that Langlade Coalition is here and we're ready to work. We're ready to collaborate and there's great things happening and the more we get involved, the better," said O'Hearn. White Lake already has plans for the next garden. "We're looking forward to a new fence. So that'll be good. Keep the critters out," said Popelka. You can get in touch with the Langlade Health Coalition by clicking the link below.

Story By: Hayley Tenpas

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