Northwoods school hosts anti-bullying programs Submitted: 10/20/2014
MINOCQUA - Schools across the country struggle with bullying. Northwoods schools like MHLT hope students learned from a traveling theatre group today. All of their students attended a short play by the group, CLIMB Theatre. Bullying has been a problem for the school.

"We looked at our discipline data and a lot of our referrals were bullying based. It was something that was happening here at our school so we wanted to do what we can to make an impact and change and make it a safer and better place for everyone," said MHLT's Principal, Brent Johnson. The presentation lines up with October's National Bullying Prevention month. But actors want their message to continue throughout the year. "We really hope that this brings kids to be more aware that bullying is happening. Just because it's not happening to you, you are still witnessing it. I hope that these children cannot be bystanders and stand up for other people. I think that's one of the most important messages," said Juliana Lai. The school's principal wants the message to make a big impression. "We wanted to make an impact and really make a stand against bullying. We decided to get shirts for every kid in the whole building and the staff, so it's a real visual theme. We want up standers, standing up for each other and making this something that doesn't happen in our building," said Johnson. CLIMB theatre performed three different plays to students today.

Story By: Hayley Tenpas

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