Phillips couple celebrates 75th wedding anniversary Submitted: 07/31/2014
PHILLIPS - A Phillips couple proves that hard work and love can make a marriage last. Russell and Dorothy Sawallish just celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. The couple got married on July 29, 1939. Over the years, the couple always seems to work through their problems together. "You have your troubles and you work through them. We never had really serious, serious trouble. We had trouble but they got better," says Dorothy. "God always settled our serious problems," Russell said. Russell and Dorothy met when they were kids.

They lived just five miles apart, and their parents were friends. "We went through high school and as we went through high school we got together more," said Russell. "School dances, and then after the dances we got closer and closer." Dorothy remembers when she was first interested in Russell. "His folks bought some hay from our farm," says Dorothy. "All summer he was coming with the horses and the wagon driving these horses and that's when I kinda got my eye on him." Russell and Dorothy owned a farm in Berlin, Wisconsin. The couple says they enjoyed working together. "If the machinery was broke, something, he'd be fixing it and I'd be handing him wrenches," said Dorothy. Farming was tough work, but like their relationship they made it work. The couple didn't have electricity on their farm until 1946. "One year we were short on hay and he started working at the foundry, well then he ended up selling our milk cows and went to beef cows and he worked at the foundry for 20 years," Dorothy said. The couple says their favorite memory together is being with their family. They have three sons, six grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. They took on that responsibility with joy. "Grandma and Grandpa were babysitters for quite a few years," says Dorothy. Russell and Dorothy moved to Phillips in 1982. They vacationed in the Northwoods and wanted to return to settle down. And even though the family has spread apart, Russell and Dorothy could celebrate their 75th anniversary with their family. "Most of the family was home. And it was a good time," says Dorothy.

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