Poverty among schoolchildren hits Northwoods hard Submitted: 06/02/2014
NORTHWOODS - More Wisconsin students than ever need help to get food at school. Poverty hits Northwoods students even harder than in other parts of the state. More than 43% of students in Wisconsin public schools qualify for free and reduced-priced lunch. That number is up 14% over the last decade. Most Northwoods school districts have more of low-income students than the rest of the state.

In the Northwoods, 14 of 17 districts have higher percentages of free and reduced lunch students than the state rate. White Lake has the highest percentage of those students, at more than 72%. Students in a family of four which makes fewer than $44,000 a year, for example, would be eligible for free or reduced lunch. State Public School Superintendent Tony Evers says it's tough for kids to concentrate on learning when they're hungry.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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