All the deliciousness, one location Submitted: 04/24/2014
MINOCQUA - People can find some of the best tasting food in the Northwoods. But it's tough trying all of the different types of restaurants in a community all at once. Thursday that was possible. The Minocqua Chamber of Commerce hosted their 7th annual Taste of the North. It was started by an ambassador from the chamber who passed away.

She had a vision of having some of the best restaurants in the Northwoods all in one place. Vendors are happy with their experience. "Last year we won with our barbeque ribs. We were people's choice and overall winner," said Black Bear Bar and Grill owner, Allen Ramirez. "So this year we're trying our Baby Ruben's and our barbeque chicken bacon pizza." 350 people walked the halls at The Waters of Minocqua. Tickets sold out before the event started. One of the diners has advice for people next year. "Get your tickets early because I was on the waiting list. So I just got mine like two days ago," said first timer, Maggie Schafer. "Also don't eat for the entire day before coming because it's really filling. There's a lot of food; a lot of really good food." You wouldn't have seen any of the judges walking around. That's because they were in a private room. Newswatch 12's Ben Meyer was one of the judges Thursday. The chamber hoped to raise more than $7,500.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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