Walker new chair of Midwestern Governor's Association Submitted: 03/07/2014
MADISON - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will be the new chair of the Midwestern Governor's Association. For now, he plans to focus on propane issues. The Washington-based group brings governors and staff together to solve significant problems in the region. The association asked President Barack Obama for federal help in January as the region's propane supply dwindled.

Walker said in a statement that as chairman, he wants to start the propane conversation immediately. Some steps have already been taken in Wisconsin, such as eased regulations for propane drivers and more state aid to help low-income residents afford propane. The cost of propane jumped this winter as supplies tightened up during the extended cold weather. Walker is the fourth Wisconsin governor to become chair of the Midwestern Governor's Association. (Copyright 2014 Associated Press - All Rights Reserved)

Story By: Associated Press

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