School District of Rhinelander offers online program Submitted: 02/10/2014
RHINELANDER - Every school year, more and more students and parents choose virtual learning. Students in online programs can then take classes they might not have been able to take before. Rhinelander High School has one of these programs. 80 students are enrolled this year. Some only take a couple classes online and some are all online.

But online choices can cross district lines, too. Some students decide to open enroll in an online school in a different district. Like all districts, Rhinelander would much prefer to keep those students in their own district. "It's an issue for all school districts. All school districts want to keep their students happy. So I would hope that if they're looking at opportunities outside of the district that they'd also come in and look at our opportunities and compare them and decide what's best for their students," says Virtual Learning Coordinator, Kandi Bartelt. An outside student who open enrolls into the School District of Rhinelander can't be fully online. "Because we are not a charter school we are a program within our school district and for being part of the school district the state does have requirements of physical attendance," says Bartelt. Rhinelander virtual learning leader says students who want to take online courses need to be self motivated.

Story By: Kaitlyn Howe

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