Wisconsin State Patrol looking for officer impersonator Submitted: 09/23/2013
NORTHWOODS - We all know you should never impersonate an officer. But somebody has and Wisconsin State Patrol wants to put an end to it. Someone has been calling people in Wisconsin claiming they're an state patrol sergeant. The scammer tells the person who picks up the phone their relative has been in an accident. Then, they ask for money to fix the car.

Sergeant Bryan Wrycha wants the public to know a real officer would never do that. "We want it to be known that the state patrol doesn't act in this fashion," Wrycha said. "We would not call citizens requesting money for litigation or for any other matter. We don't call people looking for money." While the police would never call people looking for money, other people will. Wrycha wants you to double check your sources if you do decide to give out your information. "Trust who you're talking to. If you didn't make the phone call and somebody's calling requesting funds and you didn't make that phone call, make sure it's a trusted source you are giving this money to," said Wrycha. "Otherwise request identification, request supervisor information and all that other stuff." The state patrol has investigated the calls. They say it's likely the calls are coming from Montreal, Canada.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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