Bear hunting season kicked off in the Northwoods Submitted: 09/06/2013
ST. GERMAIN - Bear hunting season just started. It started Wednesday, September 4th. "Wisconsin has kind of a duel/split/overlap season," said DNR Wildlife Biologist, Jeremy Holtz. "There's hunters that use the aid of dogs and hunters that hunt with other methods not utilizing dogs. And every year they alternate taking turns on what kind of hunter goes first."

This year hound hunters go first. Last year hunters killed a total of 156 bears in Oneida County. The county is part of Zone B, one of the four bear management Zones in the state. "The highest counties had over 400 bears harvested per county," Holtz said. "So it could be pretty significant bear harvest in a number of northern Wisconsin counties." For a hound hunter like Steve White, he uses Plott Hounds. "They're following scent. They're completely following scent. At some point in time they may actually get to see the animal and be faced to face with it," said Whites, Woods and Water owner, Steve White. "But when we turn them loose they're trailing hounds, they're scent dogs. They're going to follow the track of that animal to where ever that animal has gone." Mike Roznowski got his first chance to see those dogs take off. He just started bear hunting. "I really wasn't sure if I wanted to hunt with dogs or with bait, but I accompanied Steve about a month ago with his dogs and it was really exciting," Roznowski said. "The dogs were so into it. You know excited to get on a trail. I decided that's what I wanted to do and it was a lot of fun." If you're a first timer like Mike, Steve says he always tells his clients to do their homework. "Being prepared is the biggest thing. Knowing what you're going to be looking at before you get in," White said. "Look at a lot of bear pictures, a lot of bear videos. Help to judge your size."

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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